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We work with Start-ups, Scale-ups, and bootstrapped entrepreneurs to Build Next-generation Cloud-based Software Applications.

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We are Craft Turf.

We work with you to unlock the vast potential of modern cloud-based application development and practices to create customer-centric products using our skilled and flexible cloud engineering expert services.

Case Study: Elephant Healthcare

We partnered with Elephant Healthcare, a Seedcamp funded UK primary healthcare startup to deliver a cloud-based medical application from ground-up through to pilot launch and subsequent scale-up of their software engineering team in London.

Scale your Engineering Team

We understand the challenges faced by many startups and established companies struggling to manage the acute shortage of talent in specialised areas of modern technology stacks. Whether you require a single software engineer for your project or a team of skilled and specialised engineers, we offer expertise in areas of consultancy and software development.

MVP Rapid Development

Our MVP development process saves time and cost of putting a team together. We can build MVPs in weeks, whether it’s your mobile app or web project. Our process allows you to produce the first version quickly to present to your customers or investors.

Web and Mobile Apps

We deliver modern, scalable, secure web and mobile apps backed up with software engineering best-practices using a range of programming languages and methodologies. Areas of our technical expertise include Node.js, Python, React, React Native (iOS & Android), GraphQL, Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS.

Outsourced CTO Services

Our outsourced CTO service is for start-ups in need of short-term management of their technology stack. The CTO can provide assistance with supporting business development needs through strategic technical alignment, attending important meetings alongside the Founder(s) with potential investors, and by forming the engineering Team to meet the required business objectives.

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We have a community of thriving and talented World class developers who craft cutting edge software. We are always keen to hear from developers who have solid knowledge of React, React Native, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Analytics data pipeline, DevOps, and Cloud-native development.



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Case Study - Elephant Healthcare

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